Show Support for Veterans this Veterans Day

November 9, 2023 - Posted By Andrew Jones

Veterans Day

As Veterans Day approaches, take some time to understand the significance of this holiday and what you can do to show much needed support for veterans. Although Veterans Day, which celebrates all military veterans, is not as looked forward to as Memorial Day because it doesn’t come with a work holiday, it is almost more important. Memorial Day celebrates only those who passed away in the line of duty, but it leaves out veterans who have returned home from service and struggle with a variety of issues that range from lost limbs to severe PTSD. So, what can you do to show support for these veterans this Veterans Day?

Thank them for their service

Thanking a veteran for their service is a simple thing that can make a struggling veteran’s day. People serve in the military to protect you and the freedoms you enjoy. A simple “thank you for your service” shows support for the service of a veteran that is too often taken for granted. To take it above and beyond take the time to ask the veteran about his or her service, but be sure to avoid questions veterans hate like “have you killed anybody?”

Show up to a local event

There are hundreds of Veterans Day events going on across the United States. Find an event and get out to show your support for local veterans. Local parades are a great way to show veterans that the community supports them and appreciates their sacrifices. You can find a list of Veterans Day parades in your area at


Donating to veterans charities is the best way to show your support for Veterans returning home. Showing support for veterans in your local community is a great way to show your appreciation for their service, but it is also important to remember that there are still hundreds of thousands of veterans across the United States that struggle to get the care they need. A donation to a charity supporting veterans helps these organizations go above and beyond the lackluster support provided to most veterans.


As a non-profit organization supporting veteran’s causes, Vets Vehicles is proud to help you donate your vehicle to a selection of wonderful charities. Charities we support include AMVETS, Fisher House Foundation, Marine Toys for Tots, and the Special Operations Warrior Foundation and more. You can find more information on these charities on our website at