Looking to learn about Vets Vehicles? We pride ourselves for making it easy for donors and charities to learn about our services, fees and fundraising for veterans.

Vets Vehicles is an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Our mission is to use the power of vehicle donation to help the nation’s finest veterans organizations.

Vehicle donation is a great way for nonprofits to increase their fundraising. Unfortunately, most vehicle donation providers keep most of the funds to pay themselves. In fact, many of the nation’s best known vehicle donation providers return less than 40% of a vehicles sale price to the nonprofits they serve. Some try to hide this fact with fancy charts and graphs. But a close look at their IRS filings reveals otherwise.

That’s why we formed Vets Vehicles in 2011. We partnered with V-Dac, Vehicle Donation to Any Charity, one of the nation’s most trusted and efficient vehicle donation service providers. V-Dac sells vehicles for the highest prices and returns the highest percentage of proceeds to charities. They publish all of their fees online and they provide complete transparency to nonprofits and donors.

The money we raise from donated vehicles goes only to help veterans organizations. We never allocate money to other causes that you can’t see. If you want your donated vehicle to help veterans, Vets Vehicles is the best donation option you will find.