Thank You To Our Donors!

December 1, 2014 - Posted By mjones

We asked our donors why they decided to donate their beloved cars to Vets Vehicles and this is what they said:

I know many veterans and would like to help them in any way that I can for their service to our country. -Minhy, Hyde Park, NY

I appreciate the sacrifice that each and every soldier has given in defense of the greatest country in the world. – Alfredo

It is a way to help the veterans out. I read about them being homeless and this is a way for me to help them. Plus it’s just sitting there. Nobody else wants it. I’m hoping it will serve a veteran well. – Paul

My Mother can no longer drive her car. She would like it to go to a good cause. Our Father was a WWII Vet and I think this would have made him happy knowing it was going here to help. – Patty, Tomball, TX

Our son-in-law is in Special Forces and we would like to help families that are in need of assistance. -Melvin, Tomball, TX

I feel this is a great charity since I have tons of family and friends serving in the military. That’s why Vets Vehicles is for me.    – Richard

I’m a Vet and it looks like more of your proceeds go to Vets instead of overhead. – Jason & Teri Crow, DuPont, WA

Always trying to give back to the ones who served us. – Mark, Mentor-On-The-Lake, OH

By donating to Vets I feel I am contributing to a very worth while cause and any proceeds received from the sale of the vehicle will greatly help those veterans who are so deserving and in need. – Webster

I am a vet myself and want to help a good cause. I don’t drive the vehicle anymore so it just sits idle and useless. – David, Coraopolis, PA

My husband was in the air force and my son who is in Africa now for a year and my daughter in law are both in the army reserves, and I think we should all do more for our Vets. They are too often forgotten and not recognized for what they have done. – Linda, Belmont, MI

We want to help our deserving US Veterans and their families in their difficult transition after deployment and possible injuries–emotional and physical. We feel this organization provides more direct funding to our men and women who served or are serving and their families. We are retired and need only one vehicle, so we are donating our second reliable vehicle, which still has value and life in it! – Elaine, Springfield, VA

In the spirit of the holiday season we want to say thank you to our donors. We would not be able to support veterans without your generosity.