Support Disabled Veterans

February 7, 2013 - Posted By Vets Vehicles

The Department of Veterans Affairs receives around a million disability claims every year. Not surprisingly, with so many benefits claims constantly flooding in, the VA has developed a mountain of pending claims – popularly termed “the backlog”.

The amount of backlogged claims is over 600,000 – a staggering amount considering that thousands more claims are received each day. The average claim takes 270 days to process (a claim is considered backlogged once it has been pending for over 125 days).

VA officials have pledged to eliminate the backlog completely by 2015. But as the war in Afghanistan comes to a close and even more military personnel begin returning home, these projections look even more unlikely.

With the Department of VA having trouble supporting veterans, it’s even more important for citizens to do their part. Help disabled veterans in need by donating your car to Vets Vehicles. We support veteran’s charities that help prompt action on compensation claims and support veterans as they transition back into civilian life. Click here to donate your car online or call 888-838-7834.