In Honor of Our Veterans

November 11, 2013 - Posted By Vets Vehicles

Today is Veterans Day. It is the day we take to remember the sacrifice and heroism of our veterans throughout our history. At first, the focus was only on World War I, but it was expanded to appreciate all of our veterans in the 50s. Here’s a poem to help us remember.

Thank a Veteran:

A Veterans day poem by Brittany Schvartsberg

Today is the day we honor,
the noble and the brave,
the men and woman who dedicated their lives,
and the sacrifices that they have made.
When America had an urgent need,
they were the first to raise their hand,
without thinking twice about it,
they were proud to take a stand.
Some came back from war with battle scars,
others in flagged draped coffins,
even though their flesh may have left,
their spirits will never be forgotten.
They unselfishly and knowingly,
put their lives on the line,
so when you see a veteran, thank them,
cause without them, freedom would have died.