Donate A Car To Support AMVETS

Donate your car to benefit AMVETS and support veterans and their families.

AMVETS has a proud history of assisting veterans and sponsoring numerous pro­grams that serve our country and its citizens. The helping hand that AMVETS extends to veterans and their families takes many forms.

One of the most visible is their network of trained national service officers (NSOs) accredited by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Funded by the AMVETS National Service Foundation, these dedicated men and women can be found in close to 40 states, providing sound advice and prompt action on compensation claims at no charge to the veteran.

In one recent year alone, AMVETS national service officers processed more than 24,000 claims that resulted in veterans receiving some $400 million in compensation. This commitment to service traces its roots back to 1948, when AMVETS’ NSOs first began helping veterans of World War II to obtain the benefits promised them by the Federal government.

Vets Vehicles is the nation’s most trusted and efficient vehicle donation service benefitting veterans. We take pride in delivering the highest return from the car donations we recieve to AMVETS. When you donate your car to Vets Vehicles, you are donating to a recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit. You will be able to receive a tax deduction from your vehicle donation that is based on the selling price of your car. To learn more about the donation process and how it works, visit our How To Donate and FAQS pages.

Why Donate?

We Make It Easy

We accept all vehicles, no matter if it runs or not, without consideration to vehicle type, make, model, or year. As part of the donation process your vehicle will be picked up by our towing service free of charge.

Highest Revenue To Vets

Unlike some charities, that may give pennies on the dollar to the cause you assume it is going to, we give, on average, 78% of the money made from your donation to AMVETS.

It’s Tax Deductible

When you donate to us you are donating directly to a recognized 501 (c)(3) nonprofit. What you’ll be able to deduct will largely be based on how much the car is worth and how much we are able to sell the car for.